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date:2013-09-23  view:7625

with the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone use on the internet has become an everyday pastime of many people. but not familiar with, the performance of the smart phones for unlimited services is not clear, or do not understand mobile internet traffic billing, which many consumers with the cost of high flow.

few days ago, mr. jiang found his mobile phone was down for overdue bills, after the search, found that mobile phone has produced more than ten thousand yuan of gprs traffic fee. reply after checking communications company, according to mr. jiang two months respectively to generate international roaming data traffic tongxinfei 10688.55 yuan and international roaming mobile data traffic fee rmb 4700. while mr. jiang said they never use mobile internet, also won't use, don't understand mobile internet traffic to come from.

similarly, mr. ye, mobile traffic during the month after use, can phone produced additional traffic fees 580 yuan during the month, one day the phone in a minute 14 m internet traffic. mr ye think not the internet, mobile phone also continued to produce flow is not reasonable. communications company in the test after mr leaf cell phone, found that the "prison break" after the phone, although there is a software "suspended" status, if the user mobile phone opened cellular data or under wifi network as they will continue to download software to produce flow.

not long ago, ms zhang in the domestic mobile phone through wifi, on alternate days found myself last night using mobile internet traffic cost up to 741 yuan, it reflects to the communications company, after their original use wifi to watch video, not closed 3 g internet function, when the wifi signal is weak, the mobile phone will automatically switch to 3 g, the flow of high cost.

therefore, relevant departments of the alert consumers, before the use of mobile internet, should pay attention to the following:

outside must be careful to access the internet by mobile phone. the international roaming communication charge the initiative is mainly held by overseas operators, domestic internet data plan is applicable to the international and hong kong, macao and taiwan regions. if go abroad do not need to use the gprs function and to send and receive mms, during closing advice first 3 g or mo internet access, lest produce unnecessary high cost.

must pay attention to the mobile phone to download, install software. all kinds of small software, making mobile phone function more diverse, but do not download and install blindly. some software download may requires high flow, high flow fee comes; and some software installed, will refresh, imperceptible in also produce the traffic fee.

turn off wifi best using 3 g internet function. use 3 g network access to the internet will produce traffic fees, so most people use wifi mobile internet whenever possible, but the wifi signal is not stable or weak, some smart phone will automatically search and switch to the 3 g network, continue to provide internet access. consumers think they are using a free wifi, 3 g network is actually the billing. to avoid this kind of circumstance happening, best before using wifi will be temporarily closed 3 g internet function.

the usage of mobile internet traffic should often pay close attention to. customize the unlimited mobile internet users, should often pay attention to the usage of mobile phone flow, as much as possible to avoid excess flow to produce the high cost of happening.

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