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date:2013-09-23  view:6119

with the popularity of smart phones, mobile internet has become a necessity. embarrassing, however, is that internet users is growing, but rates are rising at the same time, according to the survey, the mainland users monthly fee is 4 times america, south korea more than 20 times, our country hong kong area is one hundred times, speed is less than half of the people.

beijing white-collar ms zhu is using china telecom iphone 5 and contracts. in order to meet the internet traffic, ms. zhu, in addition to use custom "business pilot package", his each month to buy an extra 500 million traffic package:

ms zhu: now the internet is more, weibo, micro letter, see page images of what, want to use a month 900 million flow, sometimes, i have not enough use. commercial pilot package plus flow package small 200 bucks.

ms zhu felt that oneself use the iphone 5 is relatively new, online silver flowers like flowing water, but the speed is not to force:

ms zhu: mobile phone hardware is good, so feel the speed is very general, brush is not to come out, pictures out slowly, this is a slow network. i think at least have to gain a head, or cheaper, or improve the service, make speed quickly.

the feeling of the ms zhu is not the case, although our country operators launched a variety of internet packages, but according to the survey, the mainland users monthly fee is 4 times america, south korea more than 20 times, our country hong kong area is one hundred times, and the speed is less than half of the developed countries.

ms zhu: i have a classmate also use the iphone 5, he is abroad is cheap relative to us, and is especially fast, he does not adapt to the domestic, i think the gap is very big still.

tencent ma huateng, ceo of the company has said that many users for mobile internet on picture is opened, province with each month. this reflects the real ordinary people use smartphones mentality. flow is running out of the end of each month received text messages, are college schoolmate zhang will take the initiative to turn off internet access.

wilson: early time will use, to the end of the month feel flow, can not get to the internet is not.

in addition to the use of embarrassment, some smart phone to update the program automatically, or even malicious traffic suction gold software, also makes the internet users of mobile internet to raise. hefei citizens lu bi this year, once in a short span of three days time, mobile phone automatic internet traffic over the more than 3000 megabytes, cost more than $one thousand. telecommunications company staff responded that if not mobile phone stolen, users need to bear this charge.

telecom staff: from the background we checked, the preliminary judgment not suspected of duplicate card, billed in the billing from the background, also belong to the normal, could not be stolen.

china mobile's customer service staff also said that in addition to customer normal mobile internet application, be sure to focus on smart phone to update the program automatically. if the customer use the traffic over the default package, will be in accordance with the standards of every one hundred thousand yuan fee:

china mobile's customer service personnel: according to the usage, or watch: is automatically connected to the program on the phone, or software will be automatically connected to the internet, lead to walk more traffic, update data automatically, automatic refresh data.

mobile internet, low speed high internet fee, in addition to let users very sad, what effect? in the future, could speed up, and the internet fee will drop down?

ccid gengyan communication industry research center, vice general manager, said the operators of monopoly is the nature of business:

gengyan: three of them, after all, is a monopoly enterprise, there are a lot of foreign operators are market-oriented behavior, will come down, if there is competition is the competition of the three, not two, also a little bit better, a bit, i think it is the core problem.

gengyan think, meanwhile, the operator has massive investment in mobile 3 g no back, only the number of mobile internet users increase, under the action of scale effect, to reduce overall operating costs. but the reality is that there are more than 700 million customers of china mobile has the world's biggest customer, but as a result of intelligent terminal online ratio is not high.

china mobile chairman mr li: intelligent terminals in china accounted for only 30% or so, we have a very broad market prospect.

in addition, 4 g licences issued over years, operators will face the 4 g funding pressure. gengyan analysis, therefore, only to maintain the existing tariff level, investment planning to support operators, mobile internet fee it is not easy to cut. however, the present situation of the high prices and low speed must be conducive to the construction and consumption: the information field in china

gengyan: this year our country has been pushing information consumption, built on told the internet is the embodiment of the future new business model, i feel like this kind of phenomenon for a long time, regardless of the field of information consumption and information push and all aspects of the process is unfavorable.

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