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date:2013-09-23  view:5436

yesterday morning, in the beijing south railway station waiting in the hall, jostling passengers, waiting passengers some fiddling with mobile internet, some playing tablet. most of these passengers are not to use their mobile phones or wireless card network traffic, but use, is the new reform within the station of the wireless network signals - "my beijing". china telecom, beijing officials said recently completed renovation of public wifi signal than the much more stable before modification, and can meet the demand of nearly thousand passengers on the internet at the same time, visitors sms certification after logging in, you can use the free high speed wifi network, the network signal "scenery" will not happen again.

"my beijing" each 2 million user bandwidth

yesterday in beijing south station waiting hall, the wifi search after using a mobile phone, wireless network menu are available in a lot of connection of the wireless network signals, one of the strongest signal is beijing's public wifi "my beijing".

try to connect wireless network, after a few seconds, in mobile search to wifi signal sequence in the table, the top of the "my beijing" signal strength displayed as full.

can cut around individual businesses provide wifi signal, beijing south station "my beijing" performance is really rare.

system shows that "my beijing" is this city provides the public welfare of free wireless internet access account name. in november 2011, xidan, wangfujing, the olympic park, lufthansa, zhongguancun, finance street six prosperous region free wireless network has been fully opened. the following year, beijing south railway station, beijing west railway station construction of important transport hub in succession such as follow up. however, because passengers use mobile search signal find even, beijing south railway station of "my beijing" public wifi devices once became a decoration.

experience when reporters yesterday that "my beijing" feedback fastest, wireless network system when a connection is just enter account password prompt page will "jump" out - click to enter, in the "user login" enter your phone number, and then click the "message to get the password" button, and input the login password on computer page, then launched a free wireless internet access.

according to the original commitment, "my beijing" to each user's bandwidth is 2 million, flipping through the portal website news page, video, use the mailbox, all did not show any sign of "card", only one or two seconds, a new page is opened.

using software of internet users will be too much speed reduction

company project manager of china telecom beijing song yang is introduced, the key of this modification is mainly to enhance the tiny wireless network transmission power of base station (ap), and dozens of micro base station setting from the station hall 20 meters high ceiling down to about 3 meters high from the ground position, facilitate passenger cell phone network reception. "after modification, the wireless network signal can guarantee from 500 to 1000 passengers at the same time surfing the internet." he said, whether it's smartphones, tablets, or notebook computer, now can be clearly "listen" to the "voice" message of the micro base station.

hung on the waiting hall column, these seemingly small speakers micro base station, a can cover it area within the radius of 20 meters, effective bandwidth more than 100 million, almost 10 times of 3 g mobile networks. "when the user area reaches 50 people, each share of the bandwidth is 2 million." song yang explained that in the normal use environment, users are less than 50 people, namely area "my beijing" is significantly faster.

however, if a user uses a lot of "plunder" speed download software, or playing games on the internet, will not affect other users to share public wifi? to this, the reform also made the corresponding countermeasures: when the intelligent monitoring system to find a user in excess of occupy are too many, and internet users, the network resources will be automatically closed in part the user bandwidth, this part of resources "subsidies" to regular internet users, so as to realize the intelligence of network resource allocation.

avoid "my china merchants with wifi interfere with each other

walk on busy streets take out a cellular phone will be able to get to the internet, use the public wireless network is free, need not spend mobile traffic, it is one of the planning content of "digital beijing". with citizens and visitors to the number of mobile phone, tablets, using a sudden increase, beijing needs to enter the wireless city ranks.

in accordance with the relevant plan, so far, wangfujing and xidan commercial street, blue bay, sanlitun, zhongguancun pedestrian street, financial street, beijing station, beijing south railway station and beijing west railway station regions such as the parts have been opened "my beijing" free wireless internet. authorities also continues to coordinate various operators, recently has been or is about to increase lakes, houhai, nanluogu xiang culture tourist area, provide citizens with three consecutive years of "my beijing" free wireless internet access. in addition, is expected by the end of this year, the city would be more than 10000 buses the wifi internet access, most of the fourth ring road bus lines, will cover wireless internet access systems.

telecommunication industry insiders said that the city in recent years, public wireless access services in the process of the pilot, there might be other wireless signal interference, wireless access point limited carrying capacity, traffic concentration areas and there were so many people caused by factors such as poor access, etc., various operators will according to the pilot situation continue to improve, and improve coverage. but like beijing south railway station, "my china merchants with wifi network and even the phenomenon of mutual interference, also should attract the attention of relevant departments, it is best to deploy a wireless network in one place before the unified planning, avoid affecting normal users access to the internet, reduce the waste of network resources.

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