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 first, research and development strength

  strong r&d team, existing hardware and software research and development team, with several hardware          designers, software designers, graphic designers, industrial structure designers,several hardware

  manufacturing engineers and after-sales engineers. in the shell design, pcb layout and detail function           design, etc formed its own unique advantages.

  research and development equipment: a scene each year to more than 15% of sales revenue for              product technology research and development, personnel training, cooperative r&d platform construction,        advanced instruments and equipment purchase,such as from agilent 8960 measuring, amway from mt8820    measuring, agilent e5070b,wifi tester, network analyzer agilent high precision digital power supply, three         pyramid,oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, etc;

 second, the production strength

  production team: brand has about 550 skilled workers, more than 50 experienced management personnel.   can efficiently guarantee the quality of products.production capacity, advanced equipment and skilled             worker's efforts, gen jingyue production capacity of more than 300000 pieces.

  product lines: five smt production line, the single wire production capacity of 5000 / day, every day a total     capacity of up to 25000 pcs.

  advanced equipment: the company production base is located in dongguan, self-built 2008 following the 

  view of science and technology park, building area of more than 30000 square meters, more than 10000         square meters.the production workshop, fully anti-static production workshop, has the first-class production

  equipment, modern testing means. production equipment has a brand new fuji xp placement machine,

  dek automatic solder paste printer, 10 nitrogen lead-free reflow soldering temperature area, amway from

  the 8820 series measuring and other kinds of testing instruments, with a strong production capacity. the 

  male the continuous improvement of the department of management, continuous efforts of the company's       personnel, since 2004, the company has passed iso9001:2008, iso14001:2004 certification etc. new

  put into use in science and technology park marked a scene technology towards the internationalization of       enterprise.

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